Thursday, March 17, 2011

QuickPix now available!

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Why QuickPix?

As my daughter has grown, I've been amazed by how easy it is to take photographs and videos of her anytime, anywhere.  With a 5MP / HD Video camera in my pocket at all times,  I haven't missed much in her first 17 months.  But I certainly learned the limitations of iPhone camera apps.  The slow startup of the default camera, the cumbersome controls of the pro apps, and everything in between got in my way of capturing the moment far too often.  Nothing met my needs.  So I partnered up with 4WordSystems, and we set out to ease our frustrations.

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What does QuickPix do differently?

The project to develop QuickPix initially came from my frustration in choosing between taking photos or video.  I'd choose to take a video, and my daughter would make the perfect pose for a picture.  Or I'd be trying to take a picture and she'd do something amazing I wished I had on video.  So as I looked into the latest Apple API's, I learned there was no reason for this to continue to be a limitation.  Thank you Apple!

Take pictures WHILE shooting video

So, QuickPix takes pictures while shooting video.  The first app that does this that I know of.  But that wasn't my only frustration I wanted to deal with...

Another was the need to capture several photos in a row without having to go through cumbersome menus.  When my daughter is moving quickly, I can't predict when she's going to strike the perfect pose.  So I want lots of pics in a row quickly without having to think twice.

Take rapid bursts of photos by simply  holding the still button

And finally, I had reached the end of my rope with slow and/or complicated cameras that get in the way of capturing the moment.  Many I know stick with the default camera because of it's simplicity, but give up the speed pro apps can offer because of their complexity.  Along those lines, I based the UI design on the default camera but engineered it from the ground up to give it pro app performance - actually way better in most cases.  Many people have commented that this one is actually easier to use than the default camera, but more powerful than many of the pro camera apps available.  Couldn't be happier to hear that!

       So, it's also fast and easy!

Get it here: QuickPix

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